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We are here to share what we have with the community, and to take from the community what we need.  Our vision includes a wholesome menu of choices for those asking "what's next?" on their journey of life.  

  • Each luncheon meeting is one hour in length, beginning at 11:45 and ending at 12:45.  
  • Our meeting time is short, and we want it to be well worth your time and ours!  To that end, we will provide a meeting format that allows us to get to know one another, provide networking opportunities, and tap into resources.
  • All are welcome!  Yet each individual has different needs.  As those needs become known, we may develop breakout groups who meet at other times and locations.  If you become someone interested in establishing a subgroup that is aligned with our vision statement, please contact us and we will let make an announcement and post referral information. 

While St. John's is graciously allowing us a gathering place, this community is made up of volunteers and is self-supporting.  There is no cost for participation, but you are welcome to 'give back' with a donation or service to the church community.
Sometimes we need help with skills, or wonder if our resume is up to par.  It's also not about how big the paycheck is, it's about the bottom line.  This button will lead to links and resources for additional support with training or skills, and for reducing household expenses to provide resilience to income fluctuations.
Many times  co-workers, family and friends are also affected by changing work status or relocation.  Sometimes we don't move at all, but relationships shift in response to changing dynamics.  This section will network those breakout groups who seek social, emotional, or spiritual support at this crossroads.
So, you have some time on your hands.  Why not volunteer and help some of the organizations that may have helped you along the way?  Now more than ever, groups are looking for support with the youth, the aging community, food shelves and more. 

Volunteering is good for the soul but did you also know it is good for the job search? Every person you meet can be a connection and a member of your network.  Each time you meet a new person, it is a chance to practice your elevator speech. Every time you meet someone new, you can learn about their career choice and how they ended up in their current position.  Every conversation can broaden your view of the world. 

Give it a try.  
For more information about our group or how you can get involved, complete the form below. 
For a quick resource list, hit the button directly above. We are always looking for great websites to help with skill development, resume and interview information, and personal development subjects. Please let us know when you find a particularly good site. 

Volunteers Needed:
                 Periodic Basis

We are always on the lookout for area employers who would be willing to review resumes one or two times a year for an hour. If you are interested, please contact us. Plenty of notice is given for scheduling purposes. 

Interested in practicing your presentation skills?  We would love to have you present to our group. We cover a wider variety of topics. Contact us if you are interested or know of someone who may have a talent to share! 
A tradition has begun.....

When a community member accepts a position, it has become a tradition to bring cookies for the group when the announcement is made.  Not only is it a wonderful moment to share about the member's job search, the cookies have been delicious. 

It would be great to have a sugar fix every week!