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About Job Transitions
Jobs, jobs, jobs!  In the news, in the coffee shop, at home, at work -- nearly everywhere, people are concerned about employment.  A small group of unemployed and under-employed and employed-in-the-wrong-position folks got together to talk about creating a job networking group, and Job Transitions is the result.  St. John's Episcopal Church in St. Cloud offered to host our gathering, and here we are!

It is a work in process.  

It is our wish to find mutually nurturing relationships in a community of folks who are also in the season of transition; who will join with us to find meaningful work at a living wage.  This is a place of dreams and goals, a place for aligning talents for the greatest purpose.  
Laurie Senn

Inese Mehr

Chris Bernard

2015 Advisory Council

Barbara Banian

Diane Kuehl

"First Monday" Event Information
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Here are some photos from the last few weeks. We thank the community business leaders for participating in our weekly presentations. 
Ines Mehr from Rengel Printing offered a presentation on the challenges of staying positive during transition. She always has a huge smile!Below, Ines accepts the certificate of appreciation from Laurie Senn.
Jenni Morine, King Solutions, gave a presentation on what the employers are looking for from candidates.  There was good interaction with the audience for this event.  
Dave and Pam Faust from Stonehouse Productions were with us in June. It was a really motivating and "Positive" presentation.
Bonnie Wenker did a presentation based on the book "Who Moved My Cheese"

Special thanks to Rasmussen College for allowing us to participate in their recent Career Fair.  This was a great opportunity for us to present what we do with the job seekers in attendance. Mike and Jena helped at the booth as well as taking time to meet with prospective employers. 

Sharon Sorenson
Mike Lamb
Kim Markwardt
Morris Keeling
Dave Blue
Mike Goodwin
Resume Review: Many enjoyed our resume review event. We started with a celebration of our third anniversary and followed with community business leaders doing resume review for those in attendance. 
Above:  Advisors Dave Blue and Diane Kuehl. Below: Guest Reviewers: Terry Kurash, Roxanne Ryan, Jena Klein, Karla Dale, Connie Hauer, and Harriett Terry
Anthony Farag accepts a certificate of appreciation from Advisor Kim Markwardt
Linda Wilson, Preferred Credit, and 
Advisor Mike Goodwin